Gravel Pad For Shed Foundation

Gravel Pad  is an affordable choice as a shed foundation,  Having Gravel Pad as a base for  Shed and gazebo base can be the reason why your buildings last longer than its warranty.

The gravel Pad for sheds and Gazebos ensures your building has a solid, weatherproof foundation. for large building and Garage foundation, we recommend checking out the Concrete Foundation.  For the Shed owners and ensure your buildings last long with the correct start.  Get a Quote for your Shed Pad here


Gravel Stone Pad Features

  • A: Ground Leveled With Skid Loader.
  • B: Pressure Treated 4×6 Perimeter w/ 2’’ Rebar Stakes Through 4x6s to Maintain Stability.
  • C: 4’’- 6” of 3/4 ‘’ Clean Drainage Stone Leveled And Tampered.
  • D: Extra 12″ on each side of structure MAXIMUM Drainage

What does it Cost to Install Gravel Pad?

Prices are dependent upon your garage or shed site being within 10” of a level. (if the pad is more than 10” off level, additional charges may apply by site crew on the day of work being done)

  • Pad Between 10” to 20” Off Level, Add 20%
  • Pad Between 20” to 28” Off Level, Add 30%
  • Pad More Than 28” Off Level, (Custom Quote)

OPTIONAL: Weed Barrier/Stabilizer

  • Made from high-quality non-woven polypropylene fibers
  • Prevents weeds from growing over covered areas
  • Great for filtration, reinforcement, separation and erosion control
  • Help to prevent clogging, extend drainage system life and increase performance
For Woven Fabric, Add $.70 per sq.ft.
For Shed Pads that Exceed 28” Off Level We recommend to Upgrade to a 6×6 Perimeter, this will add extra strength, but it is not required.
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Install Gravel Shed Base

Gravel Pad for Sheds 

Gazebo Stone Pads Ideas PA,VA

Gravel Pad for Gazebos

For Horse Barns or Run-in sheds we recommend…

Stone Dust Foundation

  • Grading Area And Prepare for Stone Dust.
  • 5″ to 6″ Stone Dust Leveled and Tampered.
  • If Area is More Than 10″ Off Level Additional Charges May Apply.
  • We recommend pad size to be 2’ wider all around building