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We’ll give you a free quote.

Assuming ground is within 10 inches of level, we can give you a quote without even having to visit your location. Pricing varies depending on how far off-level the ground is.

If your slope is steeper than usual, we’ll come out to your location and take a look to get you a quote.  You’re also welcome to send us pictures of your site. This will help us better determine how off-level it may be or determine other factors like stumps.

Once you approve the quote…

We give you a date and get you on our schedule promptly, confirming that it works well for you and the delivery.

Once the date is confirmed…

Your site preparation can usually be done within 2-4 weeks. It’s best if you’re able to order your shed ahead of time to reduce waiting for the shed company or visa versa.  We help coordinate with your shed company to make this hassle-free for you.

The workday.

Typically, we can do your site preparation in only half a day (4-6 hours depending on the size and grade of the job).

When we get to your location, your only job is to direct the site contractors where you’d like the foundation installed. This means if you’re working, you can go home, let the crew know where you’d like your foundation installed, and then head back to work. This saves you time and ensures your structure is in the correct location. Once you determine the final location of the foundation the crew will check the grade slope to determine the off-level measurement. If the site is more than 10” off-level the crew will collect the balance when the job is done.

Keep in mind that your township may have a setback requirement. We recommend checking with them before you determine where you want the foundation.

Follow up

We’ll follow up with you to see how the job went and if you’re happy.  It’s important to us that you get what you’re expecting and we’ll listen to your feedback to improve our service for our customers.