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Why don’t you use woven fabric to prevent weeds?

If only a foot around your shed will be exposed to the sun, it’s unlikely that you will get weed growth through the 4 – 6 inches of stone which we lay with our stone pads. Omitting the woven fabric often helps save you $$, but we do provide the option of woven fabric if you’d prefer it.

Can you build around my existing concrete pad?

Yes!  See example job photo below:

Do I need a gravel or concrete shed base?

You can use a gravel shed base if your shed has a wood floor. We only recommend a concrete base if your shed doesn’t have a floor. Read more about a gravel vs concrete shed base.

What size pad do I need? 

If you’re going with a gravel shed pad, it should be 2′ wider and 2′ longer than the size of your shed. Read more about the benefits of a gravel shed foundation that’s wider than your shed.

If you’re going with a concrete pad and your shed doesn’t have a floor, it should be the same size as your shed.

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