Why Hire a Site Preparation Contractor?


Don’t leave out foundational components that matter in the future.

Hiring someone else like a local landscaper to prepare your site might seem like a good idea, but site preparation or laying shed foundations are not what they specialize in and do every day.   Hiring a professional who specializes in site preparation means your foundation will last as long as possible.

Make sure your shed lasts by keeping it level.

Don’t settle for the typical/low-cost block foundation (a simple block in each corner) or your shed will settle unevenly. Spending some money up front to prep the site will pay off by your shed requiring less maintenance in the long run and having a better appearance. A stone foundation is the best shed base, but concrete is also an option that is usually more costly.

We ensure your shed has solid contact with the foundation, is level, and will not settle.   On many lots, this will require some digging to eliminate grades and humps.

This helps make sure:

  • Your mower or other expensive equipment won’t roll out.
  • The sides of your shed won’t rot quickly.  If your shed doesn’t stay level, rainwater from the roof will splash on the side(s) of the shed, causing it to rot much more quickly.
  • Doors and windows won’t stop working due to not being level. The floors won’t warp or sag.
  • No one corner of the shed rots quicker (which can happen if more pressure is on one point than the others)
  • Animals are prevented from getting under your structure. (if you want to be extra sure, we also provide the option for wire mesh under the foundation.)  Animals like groundhogs, rabbits, and mice can cause damage not only to your landscape but the structure itself by chewing and digging on your shed.

Make sure your foundation lasts longer.

Most local landscapers, when preparing a site, usually just use a run of stone and either no perimeter or only a 4 x 4-inch perimeter to hold in the stone. Site Preparations always uses a 4 x 6-inch perimeter because 4 x 4’s will definitely warp more quickly than 4 x 6.

This means with Site Preparations your foundation is set to last much longer and hold it’s appearance, position, not to mention better keep your shed level and prevent it from settling. We also always run rebar through our 4×6’s where a local landscaper often will not.  Most shed builders recommend this and advise against using only a bed of stone with no perimeter.

Be in good company; Know it will be done right.

We are experienced in coordinating with other companies. Site Preparations LLC works with 8-10 different shed and structure companies in the local area. They trust us to prepare the foundation for your new structure the right way.

Invest in your property. Don’t cut corners.

Don’t spend less on a foundation; site prep is an investment that affects the integrity of your structure and the land around it. Spending less on a project like this often results in issues down the road.

We know what DOESN’T work… Here’s what we don’t recommend:

  • Cinder blocks: Inevitably, there will be some “settling” after your shed is delivered and placed on the site. Placing a shed upon only cinder blocks greatly increases the risk that your shed will settle unevenly. Additionally, delivery and placement of the shed will be more difficult with a cinder block base.